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Väri Leather Studio is an art space for leather creation.

We provide a variety of craft tools, materials, production support equipment for beginner and professional artisan.

Our Journey

2007 - (Wilem & Co) Chemicals & Materials Industry Research.

2010 - (Pengrajinkulit) Leather Goods Manufacturer (Customization).

2013 - (Väri Research) Leather Materials, Chemicals & Tools

2015 - today (Väri Leather Studio) Training & Courses, Product Development, Yogyakarta

In our initial journey, we saw that many of our friends who wanted to start a brand always encountered a lot of difficulties. For example, the initial capital to order a finished product must be in a certain amount, their designs are imitated, the product quality of the craftsmen decreases, and in the end their product management becomes unsustainable. This is because from the producer side, difficulties also occur because of the scarcity of finding competent artisans in their production.

In 2010, we built a production team to make it easier for individuals to order custom products and materials starting from 1 pcs. As expected, We have helped thousands of consumers and individual brands who wish to build their product into a reality.

To accelerate broad economic equality, we see the solution is to provide opportunities for individuals and groups to be able to learn independently to do traditional leather craft activities. With this we can support the saving of electrical energy, which has the effect of lowering costs in all things, and the main goal is to help many unemployed to be able to have a job.

We hope that by doing the art of leather craftsmanship can expand the opportunity to earn independent income, as well as increase the intelligence and awareness of humans themselves, freeing up a little of their time so they can learn knowledge about many useful things.

We will continue to provide learning materials that are more relevant at affordable prices and almost without the risk of failure for beginners, because creating leather handicraft products are not enough just ideas, designs or creativity, we also need a match of work tools and expertise in every detail of the work, especially technical skills to improve quality and efficiency in traditional leather crafts.

Why Choose Us ?

We love leather craft, and we love what we do.

We believe that every individual has the uniqueness and freedom of expression in making product creations. The aim of the leather creation activity is to give you the skills from making a simple construction / composition to be more complex and artistic.

We create, develop and perfecting our own hand tools, materials, and chemicals for your production needs.

In our studio is also open for those of you who have time to come visit our studio, to learn before you dive into the world of crafts, here you can learn basic knowledge and how to use tools, make products, develop products, how to color, how to finish, and find the knowledge you need to make your work even better.

Projections in the future will be more opportunities with advances and technological developments, which will be amplification penetrating the markets of other continents. Our task is to play an active role in sharing a broader knowledge of the art of leather creation in many industrial sectors so that we can participate in global trade.

Leather Creation Art Category

Not only leather wallets, there are many other categories that you can choose from. Here are some examples below :

  • Education
  • Knowledge
  • Art
  • Fashion
  • Sports
  • Furniture
  • Safety equipment
  • Health accessories
  • Computer accessories
  • Device / smartphone accessories
  • Food & beverage accessories
  • Plant container
  • Holster and gear
  • Book cover
  • Office accessories
  • Interior
  • Automotive
  • Bicycle accessories
  • Music
  • Traditional arts
  • Carpentry industry
  • Film industry
  • Game cosplay industry
  • and many more
Opening Jobs

We fully support artisans who will create jobs in their area starting from a small scale.
Leather craft activities can be developed from individuals, artists, students, community empowerment programs, teaching staff, craft education from parents for children, retirement programs, educational institutions (non-formal & formal), travel tour activists to develop local products, foundations or organizations.

Opportunities in life come through creation, not by chance.

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